Light Massage (Swedish)

A relaxing massage with a very light touch. No muscle manipulation, all relation.

Firm Pressure

Done with more of a firm touch.  Muscle manipulation is done, but only what the body allows.  This is the most common massage therapy performed.

Deep Tissue

A slow deep stroke over the muscles in which knots and trigger points are released as well as tight muscles.  This service is for the client who receives massage on a more regular basis as well as a client who can handle a deeper touch.

Hot Stone

Using the heat of the stone to penetrate deep into the muscles, this massage is done at a firm to deep depth controlled by the client.  The heat from the stone helps to relax the muscles so that they are easily manipulated. (Not recommended during the summer months)

Prenatal Massage

This service is an amazing opportunity for moms to be to relax and be pampered.  Not only is the massage beneficial for mom but also for baby. it can help with swelling issues, body cramps, sleep issues, and so on.  (There are some contraindications with prenatal massage so please check with your doctor beforehand to make sure massage is right for your pregnancy).  Benefits Sheet